In 1990 Marilyn Kentz, along with next-door-neighbor, Caryl Kristensen, decided to put on a show in their small dairy town in Northern California. They wrote a stage show about the truth of motherhood in the suburbs, marketed it to “women who didn’t want sex more than once a month”, and began selling out in comedy clubs and theaters. Within two short years of making women laugh at night and driving carpool the next morning, the two best friends landed an NBC sitcom called “The Mommies.” After three seasons, the duo starred in a Showtime Comedy Special titled “My Kid Beat Up Your Honor Student,” where they were nominated for both writing and acting. Next came the ABC Talk Show, “Caryl and Marilyn: Real Friends.” A recognized TV spokesperson, Kentz is also remembered for dancing around in the kitchen hawking Palmolive dishwashing soap.

Kentz has coauthored three books –The Mother Load (HarperCollins); Not Your Mother’s Midlife (Andrews/McMeel); and Fearless Women (Stewart, Tabori, Chang).

Her current stage show, “Will I Ever Wear A Bikini Again?” is a hit with Baby Boomers. In it she explores the aging process from chin hairs to empty nests to the elongating of certain body parts. Kentz reminds her audience, with hardy laughs and sighs of relief, that they are not alone. Look for her new book of the same title in 2013.

Kentz lives in Berkeley, California where she is a successful ghostwriter, a facilitator of several writing and women’s groups, a parent educator and an artist.

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