Artist’s Statement

Painting is one of my favorite expressions. I attended both St. Eugene’s School and church, which influenced me to paint beautiful Madonnas. Some represent the classic Madonna; others bring her into the 21st century.

"Lace Madonna" by Marilyn Kentz
“Lace Madonna”
Acrylic collage

I also love parties and enchanting and playful forest creatures dressed in Elizabethan clothes having a little after-dinner drinky-winky. I can see the connection, do you?


Another technique I enjoy is to paint on glass plates. Perhaps my forest creatures need to join AA, as they always seem to have a martini in hand.

Cottontail with Cocktail

I buy vintage photographs and paint right on them. I’ve seen other varieties that use Photoshop to put animal heads on old photos, but rarely see them painted with acrylic.

New Weasel Boy

I enhance the frames with metal objects I find at a junk store.

Working with clay is another fun dynamic. I can relax behind the forms – letting the primitive side emerge. For me, the attention to detail comes after the creation is fired– even after the glaze. I often go back with acrylic paint and nail polish insert some extra touches that satisfy my esthetic, even if no one else sees the nuances.


Right now, I’m creating little paintings that illustrate lines I say in “Will I Ever Wear A Bikini Again?” In time, these will be turned into cards and T-shirts.