Marilyn Kentz is a comedian, published author, ghostwriter, and artist.  She facilitates writer’s support groups, parenting classes and Fearless Women support groups. You might know her from the 90’s television sitcom THE MOMMIES, or the Showtime Special, or maybe from dancing around a Hollywood kitchen trying to get you to purchase Palmolive soap. Today the feisty brunette of THE MOMMIES has a new comedy show written especially for the Boomer Generation.  Click the title below to learn more about Marilyn’s signature show,

“Will I Ever Wear A Bikini Again?”

“I was in Santa Rosa the other day and heard a few women talking about your show at The Wells Fargo Center the other night…….their cheeks hurt from laughing.  I was wondering if you have a show schedule for upcoming shows because my friends and I would love to come see you.  I’m not kidding, Friday AM their cheeks still hurt.”
Thanks, Judy Everett